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“Kelly is a fabulous sexuality educator. She knows how to explain difficult to understand concepts in a very easy to understand manner. Her ability to solve problems in this field is second to none! She works with her clients by discussing their need, asking critical questions, and always develops a plan that works. She is a phenomenal group educator as well and I have been very fortunate to be able to consult with her.”

Diane BoerstlerNLP Hypnocopy

“I worked with Kelly as part of Miss Spoken’s October 2015 show, “Sex Ed”. She was a solid and funny performer, bringing relevant experience to the topic with her work as a sex educator. I appreciated her sense of responsibility and communicativeness prior to the event, and would recommend her to both other live lit shows and public speaking engagements.”

Rosamund Lannin, Miss Spoken - A Women’s Lit Review, Chicago

"As a board member of the Greater St. Joseph Valley Chapter of AARP, I have been involved with recruiting/hiring Kelly to conduct three programs on sexuality and aging to separate target markets: women only, men and women, and healthcare professionals. Kelly's presentations are deep (in thoughtful analysis of current situations, relevant data, and insights) as well as engaging (full of interesting facts and humor.) Kelly is a highly educated professional who provides vital information on a topic that sees far too little 'light' in the healthcare industry. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you would like more information on the programs Kelly conducted for the AARP, you may reach me at"

“Kelly is refreshingly candid and open about sensitive sexual topics without being sensational or shocking. Her business-as-usual style puts people at ease and makes them feel comfortable discussing topics that are normally not discussed in public or seem taboo. She is also thought-provoking and genuinely cares about educating people about our sexual selves in a way that probably no one – even those closest to you – ever has…”

Brenda LayneUnderpinnings Marketing

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kelly in a professional capacity many times. She was a guest on “Ask An Expert” when I was the host and we did an hour of live tv about sexuality and she answered callers questions very professionally and her knowledge on the subject is superior. She was also a guest when I was host of Experience Michiana where she was a delight to interview about upcoming educational programs she was doing. Finally, she was the sex expert in a variety comedy show I did at the Firehouse Theater in South Bend where her sense of humor, quick wit, sex trivia and conversation helped make the sell out show a success. She also did a great job as one the first guests I had on my new podcast, The Gordy Young Show.. Kelly is a terrific sex expert guest!” 

Gordy Young, The Gordy Young Show

"Kelly brings a broad knowledge and passion for helping others to the field of sex education. She's funny, caring, creative and non-judgemental. I would turn to her for help with any problem with sex or relationships."

Faye Flam, Science and Medical Journalist; Columnist, Bloomberg Opinion

Janet Kostielney, Come to MoonTree Studios

I  value the people and organizations I have had the privilege of working with. I remain humbled by their testimonials. Visit my LinkedIn page to read more.

 - Kelly Connell, Kelly Connell Consulting 



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