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Recommended Products

These are the companies with which I have current affiliations and recommend their products wholeheartedly


Unlock Your Pleasure and Embrace the Power of Orgasm.

It’s time for every woman to enjoy the profound health benefits of a sensational orgasm…
Women’s Sexuality, Orgasms and Menopause. These three things are not mutually exclusive. Most women think menopause means the end of sexuality, sexual activity, and orgasms. This is archaic thinking and simply not true. Today women are living longer with a better quality of life and one quality of life issue that rises to the top of many women’s list is sexuality. Make no mistake sexuality IS a quality of life issue.


Good Vibes has been helping people discover and celebrate pleasure since 1977. Whatever your gender, identity, kink, fantasy, or desire to explore, we are here to help you on your sexual journey. It's our pleasure to be your guide.


Liberator® is the premier manufacturer of bedroom adventure gear. Our iconic collection of Shapes, love loungers and intimate accessories are  associated with distinct design, premium quality and outstanding performance. Simply put, Liberator® is the greatest invention for sex since the bed and we are inspired to share it with you.

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